It feels like history is just within reach, it’s not always pretty or fabulous, but we see it every day and it’s a reason why we’re here. So let’s give a cheer to the future of Stockport town centre! 

But there’s a more recent history we can’t quite shake off, the PR and marketing gurus shouldn’t be paid just yet! Stockport must not become another generic town center. 

Does anyone want to hazard a guess how may independent businesses have set up home here? We picked Stockport for quite different reasons to established stores, and our character is quite becoming of where we are. Stockport wouldn’t be the same without us, and we are a big part of the town’s future success. Forgiving Googles algorithm for a moment, isn’t shop local a thing? Sustainability! 

There’s such positivity from the independent businesses we’ve engaged with for the first issue of the Old Town Rag, but there’s access changes coming to the Market Place and Underbanks area that raise some concerns if plans get their way.  

This part of the town centre isn’t an easy road layout; where’s the traders rubbish going to go, road closures, two-way traffic and turning areas that all need to be workable and not create other problems here or elsewhere. 

The Road Access Plan primarily involves lots of independent traders, this makes it much harder than pedestrianizing an area full of well-known large stores. Our concerns are different too, it’s a bit more real and effecting. 

Talking of rainbows earlier, bringing it all together with more people living in the town centre, more pedestrianisation… Just think of all the future people watching opportunities over a cup or glass of what’s your pleasure.  

This is a confirmation that we’re sitting on a pot of gold, but that fuzzy time of outgrowth is never pretty.  Most people ignore mentioning while you’re in that ‘growing out’ phase and wait till you look a bit better, but we’re here, this is real, and it affects us! We need to engage and support each other during this fuzzy ugly time; listen and share as a business, resident, visitor, council and councillor. The Old Town Rag is quite set to be a facilitator in all this.

Join the conversation, share the love, and one day Google might just turn us all yellow!

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