The town was quite different hundreds of years ago, and thanks to Michelle from Primus, Disability Stockport for telling us about the site of their building on High Street. 

It used to be the site of The Mansion House, once owned by William Wright, a wealthy landowner. A regular churchgoer, he disliked the journey to St Mary’s on Churchgate. Nowadays we’d think ‘lazy so-and-so!’, but we’re talking the late 1700s and the Underbanks area wasn’t yet cultivated, with a brook and deep ravine  to contend with,  and St Petersgate Bridge wasn’t constructed until 1868. He had St Peter’s Church built in 1768 to make worship less of a slog, but he didn’t get much use of it, dying in 1770 

Heather, Luca and Lily from Underbank Studios shared there’s red rock behind most of the shops along the Underbank. They discovered a cave room, hidden behind some board! Ann-Marie from Underbanks Gallery found a secret blocked off passageway to the Market Place. Joe at Doctor Feelgood hasn’t found the pot of gold, though it’s on its way! Zoë at Agapanthus Interiors intrigued us saying they found “graffiti from a love affair”.

Gemma and Paula from Hidden Gem on Mealhouse Brow found a little doorway which led to a small room, it has an arched ceiling and stone seating ledge. Having part of The Stockport Dungeon in your store is one thing, but discovering scratch marks on the wall quite another - The ladies burned sage to remove any negative energy, and we don’t blame them! 

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