“We are in utmost confusion here, all the bridges on the River Mersey being ordered to be destroyed, the one at Warrington was demolished on Sunday, and that at Barton last night. Last night about seven o’clock, a party of 500 of the Liverpool Royal Blues marched into this Town with orders to destroy the bridge here. And just now, about six o’clock in the morning they are beating up to assemble, to put the same into execution, so that our communication with Lancashire will be cut off. All the principal inhabitants are redirected with their best effects from Manchester. We hear Marshall Wade is marching this way, and General Ligonier is coming from the south. The rebels were expected to arrive in Preston last night.

P.S. 300 carts and wagons went from Manchester with effects belonging to the inhabitants.”

Extract of letter from Stockport, November 27th, 1745. It seems the order was given too late, Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobite army were able to cross the bridge at Stockport as they marched towards Derby. Ultimately the Jacobites retreated, and missed knowing that the King in London was getting ready to flee!

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